What's in a name?

Pure Blue Ocean was named with purpose.  I am sometimes asked why this name, and I am happy to share.  It has simple premise – the red ocean is where competition is fierce, the market is difficult, it is full of sharks (that is why the water is red).  The red ocean is uncomfortable, constricting and unnerving, and you have to abide by the environment set by the sharks.  Frankly this only works for the sharks – because they get to feed.

The Pure Blue Ocean is your space.  It is the space where you can breathe, you can reflect, you can stretch out and explore, and importantly you compete on your terms.  You need to understand how and where you want to swim to find the pure blue ocean; but this is where you thrive.  If you understand your business, the marketplace, and the customer need, you can find your pure blue ocean, and take a swim that way you want to.

In 2021 do you want to be in red or blue ocean?  We can help you find the blue ocean…come on in the water is always warm.  To find our more, dive into and take a look.
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