Our Business Partners

We work with other like-minded organisations that enhances and compliments the services we provide to our customers.

The Association of Professional Sales has developed Professional Registration to help sales professionals differentiate themselves from other salespeople who don’t care about the importance of ethics in sales.

Professional Registration is a visible signal to customers about placing trust and ethics at the centre of engagements.

Pure Blue Ocean has partnered with APS to offer certification for many of its sales courses.

Bitesize Business Academy is an open access, modular, learning academy created and delivered by leading experts for the benefit of all businesses wanting to grow their people, revenue and profits.

Bitesize provides capability improvement programmes that blue-chip businesses have, without needing a blue-chip budget to pay for it, making it an ideal solution for particularly SME’s (small to medium size businesses), new start-ups or larger corporations with a limited training budget.

They offer a wide range of affordable capability programmes including 10 selling programmes, 2 Insights Discovery, 3 Negotiation Programmes and 2 Marketing Programmes.

Bean Solutions is dedicated to growing people and businesses. They work with organisations to ensure they are making the most of their opportunities.

They are experienced experts, in both sales and marketing and understand the importance of both functions working in harmony together. Their knowledge and business acumen of marketing enables us to provide broader services and another dimension to our customers.


Mind Street enables individuals, teams and organisations to unlock growth to positively transform culture to deliver improved performance, team engagement, empowerment and enablement.

Based in Australia, Pure Blue Ocean have partnered with Mind Street to deliver global learning programmes for their clients across the globe.


Mind Street – Unlock. Ignite. Achieve.

ShopX is a retail immersion simulation game, designed and developed by our partners i.e.Retail, to provide retailers and suppliers with a clear insight into how to run a retail store business. The learning experience is designed to put you in the shoes of the retailer, understand the decisions that needs to be made, and the impact they make.

We have found this an extremely effective tool for our customers sales teams and led to more proactive and positive sales meetings.