Helping sales managers prepare for tricky questions from customers


iPhone version now live in the App Store!!

This intuitive app helps sales managers prepare for tricky questions from customers and ensures they are prepared and ready. Give your sales team the ability to turn a potentially difficult conversation into a great one! Improve your company’s objection handling and increase sales with this handy new selling tool. This is currently available for the iPad and iPhone.


  • ✓   Handy sales tool
  • ✓   Training Aid for your business
  • ✓   Counter customer objections
  • ✓   Prompt script messaging
  • ✓   Bring control back to your sales pitch
  • ✓   Ideal for telesales or face to face selling
  • ✓   Customise Boomerang product information

Customers will challenge you to get the best for their business and you need to get the best for yours too. Boomerang helps you achieve both! Respond to customer objections in seconds with the prompt script messaging on screen

It’s time to bring balance and control back to the situation and turn the challenge into a growth driving opportunity and a positive reminder of the merits you’re offering. The attack should always come back positively. Whether it’s over the phone, email or face to face selling, Boomerang is the pocket sales tool your business needs. Do you find it difficult taking the focus away from the ‘weak’ elements of your product? Boomerang gives you the power to remind your customers of the ‘strong’ elements in just a few simple clicks!

Boomerang image 1

How it works

The Free version of the App contains a simple Boomerang of positives and negatives for a product….once the challenge from the customer comes in, press on it (the red attack) and the suggested positive response (in green) is highlighted. Clicking on the ‘text’ icon reveals the accompanying description.

We know that the red and green approaches will be different for your business, so you can customise to make it relevant for you

Boomerang image 2

Customise the FREE app

Once you purchase the Customised version of the App, you can customise the ‘spokes’ of the Boomerang, by changing their titles and texts, and create a bespoke version of the Boomerang for up to 5 different products. You are in control of the key features, and
able to manage your customer responses in your own way.

Click on the pencil to edit the text and the title

Boomerang image 3

Make it Your Own

Hold your finger on the title (i.e. Stock Turn) and you can change the title, then in the box below edit the text to create what you need

You can then edit the ‘red’ and ‘green’ responses based on your need by clicking the appropriate response on the buttons below.

It is as easy as that…

Boomerang image 2

Use it for many products

There are 5 ‘Product’ slots so you can create 5 customised versions of the app to fit 5 of your different products and brands (hold your finger on the product slot title to change its name)