Sales training isn't just for Sales Teams

We often think sales training is just for sales teams, but in reality, we all sell regardless of what function we are in. According to Dan Pink in his book ‘To Sell is Human’* people are now spending about 40% of their time at work engaged in ‘non selling selling’: persuading, influencing, and convincing others in ways that don’t involve anyone making a purchase. Across a range of professions, we devote around 24 minutes of every hour to coaxing others to our ideas and way of thinking.

If all functions understood the basics of selling it would make a positive impact on company efficiencies and performance.  For example, having marketing teams understand features and benefits and how to structure an engaging customer proposition really aids in the development of successful marketing ideas such as promotions and new product development. Not only does this make the external sell easier, it also helps with the internal sell.

Many of our clients recognise that selling skills are critical regardless of function or role. We have delivered many global Selling and Storytelling programmes to many of our FMCG clients, such as Danone and Mars, across not only their sales functions, but marketing and commercial teams as well. Doing this ensures a common approach and language is used across the departments. It not only enables aligned and cohesive working, but also makes all parties aware of the challenges or blockages you may face in the selling or negotiating and the levers you can use to unblock them.

Sales training also provides core skills and understanding useful in any role; such as how and why to set objectives before meetings, how to successfully engage with an audience and how to better understand their needs through questioning and listening. Ultimately, how to influence and sell effectively to their way of thinking or idea. – whether that be an internal meeting, or an external one with a buyer. If your employees have the skills, capability and know how in how to sell, they are not only going to be more effective, but will also be more motivated and committed to do well.

Whatever you want to call it - persuading, collaborating or influencing – ‘selling’ is a fundamental element of all our roles. If you want to provide yourself or your teams with the skills and techniques to this effectively, Pure Blue Ocean are here to help. Contact us at

*Dan Pink Study of 9000 respondents. Full study can be accessed here
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