Pure Blue Ocean partner with Lucid to create a blended learning training solution

Lucid and Pure Blue Ocean have developed a blended learning training package to equip sales teams in the ancient art of storytelling.  The versatile training solution can be delivered to groups of 20 to 200 delegates and seamlessly blends teacher led classroom-based training with e-learning modules catering for different geographical and time requirements.

  The ancient art of storytelling has captivated audiences throughout the decades - from carving pictures on cave walls to the modern-day obsession with vlogging.  Pure Blue Ocean has captured this magic and applied it directly to the sales industry – arming sales professionals with storytelling techniques they can secure customers with.

  To bring the sales training to life, Lucid and Pure Blue Ocean have created their own YouTube style vlog.  Paul Townsend, Founder of Lucid explained, “As a creative communications agency we thought the vlog seemed the perfect way to showcase storytelling to support sales people create their own engaging pitches. People digest information in different ways so providing a blend of training formats gives trainees the maximum opportunity to learn and really embed their new knowledge.  It also means that the e-learning training materials can be rolled out to larger groups of employees in different geographies and time zones for maximum impact across an organisation”.

  Pure Blue Ocean Founder Duncan Cawdell commented, “We were so delighted that following our training sessions one sales person left for a customer meeting expecting to sell 12 items – and sold 100!  We’ve had feedback that our training has fundamentally changed the way our clients sell to their customers”. Duncan also recognises, “The key to embedded learning is the line manager – they need to follow up with their employees.  To address this need we now also provide line manager engagement training, which covers the role of the line manager in helping to sustain the storytelling skills people have acquired”.

  Lucid have also created a 10-minute e-learning refresher programme which provides employees with an accelerated overview of the whole storytelling course.  Paul explained, “The refresher helps people to embed the original learning, however, it requires discipline and diligence and the line manager is key to encouraging people to use it.”

  Lucid and Pure Blue Ocean have worked closely together to provide the complete blended learning solution.  Pure Blue Ocean provide the core storytelling content, covering everything from setting up the room for a client meeting to nailing the deal. Trainees are prepped to arrive at the training with a real sales-opportunity. During training they are helped to create all the materials they need for the meeting – and given the opportunity to role play their pitch.  They leave training ready to take their learning straight into action.

The accessibility of the e-learning tools means delegates in different locations or time zones can receive the same great content – whenever and wherever they want. As a result, this programme has been rolled out with a leading FMCG client across the globe.


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