Positivity of Mind

Are you a glass half empty kind of person, or glass half full? How you approach life and the challenges it may throw at you, could be the difference between success and failure, progression or digression, and to the overall quality of your life and health.

Being positive in your outlook and dealing with adversity in an optimistic light, means you are more likely to be content in all that you do. It doesn’t mean you avoid or ignore the bad things; it’s about increasing your control over your own attitude in the face of whatever comes your way. You cannot control your mood, and you cannot always control the thoughts that pop into your head, but you can choose how you handle them, by embracing change and seeing the opportunity in a situation – both in work and out.

Being positive means you are more likely to:
  • Approach things with rational thought, rather than emotional, meaning you will make more logical and successful decisions, as you look at all the facts and the variables.
  • Be optimistic and make more of an effort to resolve things as you believe in your abilities
  • Show resilience by bouncing back from disappointment and are unlikely to give up
  • But you continually learn from each situation and reflect on what went well and what could you do differently next time
  • Be more focused and confident in yourself and those around you.
  • And you are grateful for your opportunities and all the good things in your life.
Not only does positivity of mind mean you can deal with situations in a more optimistic and rational way, but according to the experts at the Mayo Clinic, it improves your overall health. They state positive thinking can increase your lifespan, reduce rates of depression, improve your overall psychological and physical well-being, improve your cardiovascular health and protect you from cardiovascular disease.

Whilst having a positive attitude isn’t everyone’s natural style, it is important for businesses and leaders to provide a working environment that enables their employees to be. Happier employees are more productive and creative than other employees. Positive salespeople also have higher sales than other salespeople. Therefore it is critical that you nurture and support your people to not be afraid of taking risks, encourage them to accept that not everything always goes right; and that in every challenge or change, there is always opportunity. By providing the right, and clear direction to your teams, you will see them flourish, be happy and more successful.

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