Looking forward, not back

As 2022 comes to a close, it is an opportune time to reflect on our achievements, as individuals, teams and as businesses.

With work life running at pace, we often don’t have time, or make time, to stop and consider. So, allot some time in the holiday season to take stock. Just thirty minutes of reflective time can make all the difference in how you approach the new year ahead.

  • Consider your personal achievements. Did you have stand out triumphs? Did you challenge yourself to do things differently? Were you recognised for these achievements? If the answer to any of these is no, then you need to ask why. Sometimes, we coast in a role as it is the easier option, and that might be ok for you based on circumstances, but for many they can get stuck in a rut; doing the same old, same old. Perhaps it is time to seek out a new role, have new challenges and re-ignite your enthusiasm again. We also see that some achieve great things, but are not always recognised for these achievements. It is important to be proud of what you have achieved and tell others about it. This doesn’t mean showing off and saying ‘Aren’t I great?’ but more about sharing your experience with others so they can learn from it. They could also be motivated by your actions and seek to achieve in their remit because of it.
  • Reflect on your teams successes: If you manage a team, or are part of a team, review what, as a collective, the team have achieved. Were the team aligned in thinking? Were they clear on the goal? Were they collaborative and supportive of one another? Did you as a line manager set them up for success? Communication, direction and support are three key elements to successfully managing a team. Be clear on the aims, how it can be achieved and also provide the right skills, tools and frameworks to enable them to succeed.
  • Review the business performance: You don’t need to be on the board of directors to do this. Everyone in the organisation should consider the performance of the company and how it benches against competitors and other non-competitor businesses. Has the company achieved its targets? If not, why? What were the blockers? What did the company do well? Try to review this with an impartial, external lens. Consider how consumers/shoppers and customers view the organisation.
So, take some time to stop and reflect, and based on your findings, create a plan of how you might change things in 2023 to ensure you, your team and your business are set for success.

We wish you all a wonderful festive holiday with your families and a very successful 2023. Look out for our next blog in early January, where our Managing Partner Duncan Cawdell will give his personal reflections on 2022 and what lies ahead.

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