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Research shows that people now rate the “opportunity to learn” as among their top reasons for taking a job.¹ Business leaders know that changes in technology, longevity, work practices and business models have created a tremendous demand for continuous, lifelong development.

  Whilst some businesses are taking steps to deliver learning opportunities to their people, it is evident this is still quite a challenge for the majority of businesses as learning development was cited as the top-rated challenge amongst HR and business professionals in the Deloitte’s 2019’s Global Human Capital Trends survey.

  “Our top-rated trend for 2019 is the need to improving learning and development. 86% of respondents in our global survey rated this issue as important or very important, with only 10% of respondents, feeling ‘very ready’ to address it”

  So why is this such a challenge? Especially when you consider that re-training can cost one-sixth of the cost of hiring an external candidate². The biggest challenge is knowing how to evolve learning and development to connect with employees in a more personal way, integrating work and learning more tightly with each other and looking for ways to bring solutions we use in our daily lives into the learning environment at work.

  Where, in the past, standard classroom training has delivered, employees now want multi-faceted learning that they can access at their own pace via technology. - Access to a range of learning tools and apps that enhances their performance and provides a breadth of training resources that work for them; such as podcasts, white papers, or online assessments.

  Being able to develop such platforms, tools and resources is no easy task; especially when historically businesses have relied on standard training practices. Businesses also find it a challenge to integrate training into work, making it part of the learning journey. Learning needs to incorporate on the job experience to make it relevant. As a result of these challenges, our clients have partnered with us, recognising we are learning and development experts that can unlock talent and provide a learning platform from which their people can grow.

  Learning and development is fundamental, not only in providing people with the skills required to do a good job, but also in motivating engaging and retaining them. So, take a moment to reflect, are your teams equipped to do a good job and are they motivated to stay with your business? A small investment can result in your people becoming more focused, more efficient and more effective both internally and externally, creating an environment that brings out the best in people and translating in turn into better bottom-line performance. It is certainly more cost effective than hiring externally…

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  ¹ Josh Bersin “New Research” LinkedIn Nov18

² Josh Bersin study with General Assembly, forthcoming
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