How to prepare for difficult questions from buyers

It can sometimes be daunting when a buyer throws objections at you halfway through your sales presentation; especially if you haven’t prepared for them.

Firstly, we should remember buyers are trained to challenge you to get the best for their business. They purposely give objections with the aim of getting you on the back foot and possibly a bit flustered! This might result in you giving something away for less that you didn’t intend to.

You need to ensure you get the best for your business too. Have confidence in your sales training and follow the structure and approach you have been trained to do. The first step is planning and preparation. At this first stage, many fall into the trap of preparing the basics – what you are going to sell and how you are going to sell it. But here, you should also pre-empt some of the challenges/objections that you think your buyer might present. Be sure you have researched their current performance. If the business is struggling, margin may be an issue, if they have increased their range, space will be competitive; if they have had consecutive promotions they are potentially looking for competitor advantage. Knowing these possible objections means you can counter them with solutions and overcome them. Preparation means you not only feel more confident going into the meeting, but that you are more likely to succeed.

The good news is, here at Pure Blue Ocean we have developed an intuitive app helps sales managers prepare for such tricky questions from customers and ensures they are prepared and ready. It gives you the ability to turn a potentially difficult conversation into a great one!

Our Boomerang app is a handy sales tool and is also a great aid for sales training. The app contains a simple Boomerang of positives and negatives for a product. Once the challenge from the customer comes in, press on it (the red attack) and the suggested positive response (in green) is highlighted. By clicking on the ‘text’ icon it reveals the accompanying description and prompts script messaging. We know that the red and green approaches will be different for your business, so you can customise to make it relevant for you. You can also customise the product information to suit your portfolio.

Boomerang takes the focus away from the ‘weak’ elements of your product and enables you to remind your customers of the ‘strong’ elements in just a few simple clicks! It is currently available for the iPad and iPhone for FREE!

So, if you would like to know more about our Boomerang app, contact us at or check out our Boomerang page or download from the AppStore
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