Do you have tools and frameworks that accelerate performance?

Having the right tools and frameworks in an organisation accelerate performance, not only of your business, but also your teams as they make the day job easier.

Tools and frameworks should simplify processes, structuring activities into a logical flow and aid in decision making. A range of tools and frameworks can be created and used throughout an organisation; from the board, for high level strategic thinking, to operational day to day use, for example, for sales teams in customer meetings.

The key components to consider when developing such tools and frameworks are:

  • Define what you are trying to achieve: Be clear on not only what the tool needs to do, but how it will enhance performance. This will then aid in thinking about the format of the solution and how it needs to work vs. just going straight into building something that may not be fit for purpose.
  • The industry in which the company operates: Be considerate of the industry in which it will be used, as this may dictate the requirement. For example, developing a pricing tool may need to consider retros, discounts, VAT or duty.
  • The end user: Consider where and how they will use it. Will they need to access on a device for example, so it needs to be responsive? What is the user journey? Get end users involved in the development and testing of the solution to ensure it is intuitive and does what it needs to do.
  • If it’s customer facing, what is their requirement: Spending time with your customers to understand what they need is critical. Does it need to integrate with their systems? What should the experience be like from their point of view? Ensure the solution looks professional from an external perspective.

Spending time considering all the requirements, the market and the users will ensure you can create the solution that is fit for purpose. Remember, the solution needn’t be complex or an all singing all dancing tech solution. Sometimes a simple tool will do. There are also some ‘off the shelf’ tools and frameworks that are cost effective and efficient to roll out, so make sure you see what is available before recreating the wheel. Here are just two of our tools that might help your teams:

  • Boomerang App helps sales managers prepare for tricky questions from customers and ensures they are prepared and ready. Give your sales team the ability to turn a potentially difficult conversation into a great one.
  • ShopX Is a retail immersion simulation game, designed and developed by our partners i.e.Retail, to provide retailers and suppliers with a clear insight into how to run a retail store business. The learning experience is designed to put you in the shoes of the retailer, understand the decisions that needs to be made, and the impact they make.
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