2020 Vision is not what we thought it was

2020 is going to be a year that is hard to forget; it has challenged us all socially, physically, economically and politically (and 2021 won’t get easier in that respect).  Loss has been ever present – family, friends, jobs, independence, education are just a few areas where we will feel that loss.   Many of the ‘norms’ we had grown accustomed to, have been luxuries, which is no bad thing to remind us of the value we should hold for time and relationships in our lives.  In this respect the saving grace for 2020 is that it offers us a path for renewal in 2021, to seize the opportunities to make our world (however big or small) a better place for all of us – to strive to find that pure blue ocean, which delivers for each of us.  In reflecting on what we can learn from 2020, and to find the opportunities, we need look no further than Rhythm and Experience.

A chance to find a new Rhythm We have embraced new technology, most likely from necessity (who said, ‘necessity was the mother of invention’?), technology has allowed us to meet, talk and work as safely as possible.  Whilst it cannot fully replace the need for physical interaction between humans, it shows that in our ‘new’ world we should be building a work/life rhythm that embraces technology to serve our businesses and employees more purposefully.  The business drives down the cost of travel and expenses, and the employee gains more precious time, at home, with family and friends.  The balance has huge benefits for both business and people – how are you planning to embrace and build a new business rhythm in 2021, that delivers for both you and your people?

Improve the Experience Presence and experience were mostly virtual in 2020 – did this work?  Did your customer experience reflect the personality and intent of your business, or was is simply ‘PowerPoint over Zoom’?  PBO had a successful year working with clients to switch seamlessly to digital platforms and embrace new engagement techniques – this has increased our global reach and impact.

Every call, e-mail, zoom and ‘you are on mute’ moment creates an experience and impression your teams and customers have of you.  As we move to a new normal, that will no doubt continue to blend a physical and digital presence, have you constructed what the customer experience should look and feel like?  If not when?

2021 provides an opportunity to renew, refresh & rebuild, are you ready for the challenge, and to grasp this opportunity?  We are, and when you call, we will be ready. If you want to make 2021 the building blocks of a successful future, or are looking for some new solutions, find out more on Contact us at to see how we can help.
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