Capability Programmes or Training?

Capability programmes and training are both learning and development initiatives that businesses use to enhance the skills, knowledge, and abilities of individuals or teams. They are also used by organisations as part of their talent management strategy to attract and retain their employees.

Capability programs tend to be broader in scope than training. While training typically focuses on developing specific skills or knowledge related to a particular task or job function, capability programs aim to improve a wider range of capabilities that are relevant to an individual's role, career aspirations, and the organisation's strategic goals. This is why they also tend to be longer in duration. Capability programs are also designed to support the ongoing development of employees. They often include mentoring, coaching, job shadowing, and other learning interventions that aim to help employees identify and achieve their career aspirations. Training, on the other hand, may be more focused on imparting specific skills or knowledge.

There are several benefits to providing capability programs and/or training to employees:

  • Improved performance: They enhance employees' skills and knowledge, enabling them to perform their job duties more effectively. This can lead to increased productivity, higher quality work, and better outcomes for the organisation.
  • Employee satisfaction and retention: When employees feel that their organisation is investing in their development, they are more likely to be satisfied with their job and stay with the organisation long-term. This can reduce turnover and the associated costs of hiring and training new employees.
  • Career advancement opportunities: As the initiatives provide employees with the skills and knowledge they need to advance in their careers. This can help retain high-potential employees and improve succession planning for key positions within the business.
  • Improved culture: Offering development opportunities can signal to employees that the organisation values their development and is committed to creating a culture of learning and growth. This can improve morale and engagement, leading to a more positive work environment.
Bottom line, offering developmental opportunities, be it training or capability programmes, for your teams can benefit both the organisation and its employees by improving performance, satisfaction, retention, career advancement opportunities, organizational culture, and keeping up with industry trends. It is important to consider which approach is more suitable to ensure you provide the right solution for your teams and engage with them in an effective way.

Check out Pure Blue Ocean’s range of capability programmes. We recognise that one size does not fit all; which is why we provide both bespoke capability programmes, that we design based on a customer’s strategy, products and infrastructure; and also Bitesize programmes for those that want instant, modular learning in Bitesize affordable chunks:

  • Bespoke programmes, customised for your business: Our bespoke range of capability solutions and aids don’t solely rely on just classroom learning. All our bespoke capability programmes ensure we put theory into practice, with on the job training and reviewing current live examples of customer challenges
  • Bitesize programmes, affordable modular learning: which might be more suitable for SME’s, new start-ups, or larger corporations with a limited training budget offer a range of programmes in core selling, negotiation, marketing, category management and also Insights Discovery.

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