Be SMARTER at selling

To get the most from your sales teams, you need to ensure that not only do they have the right skills, but also are clear on their objectives. Objectives (or some may call metrics or KPIs) are not only an effective way to measure performance, but it also sets the standards of which your sales teams need to adhere to; both from a target perspective and from a behavioural point of view.

In our experience, if objectives that are set are not thought through, they can be more detrimental in driving the wrong behaviours as some may do the wrong thing to achieve them. They should also be motivational by being pragmatic, but at the same time stretching to get the most out of your sales teams. More importantly ensure that the objectives are relevant – can your sales teams make a difference to the objective – are they able to influence it and measure it? Don’t be caught up in setting targets that the team really have no control over as this only creates disgruntled employees.

So, make sure you set the right objectives by applying a tried and tested framework. Many of us have heard of ‘SMART’ objectives but, we think this should go two steps further and be ‘SMARTER’. Our ‘E’ is for exciting as it is important that not only are your sales teams passionate and excited, but the customer is too. Our additional ‘R’ stands for recorded. It is critical that individuals are aware of the goal and how they are progressing against it. Let’s remind ourselves of the areas of SMARTER objectives:

S - Goals must be Specific. State your goal as clearly as possible so that the expected result is commonly understood and unambiguous.

M - Targets should be Measurable. That which you measure will be treasured, How you are measured is how you will perform.

A - Goals should Ambitious. Stretch your goals beyond the expectations of management – this will assist the business and you personally.

R - Goals must be Realistic. Unrealistic goals either way (too soft or too hard) impact motivation and performance.

T - Targets should be Time based. Decide your time-table for completion, and stick to it.

E - Goals should be Exciting. Be Passionate & Motivational when presenting to the customer.

R - Goals should be Recorded. Ensure your goals are written and easy to find – looking at your goals often will assist in the achievement

So, if you would like to know more about setting SMARTER objectives for your sales teams please get in touch Contact us at
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